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Guests are responsible for making accurate registrations by not booking rooms prior to making their job and travel arrangements or have confirmed their roommate(s).  Due to deposits being non-refundable, please sign up only when you have worked out all your travel arrangements to attend the trip, and you have confirmed that your roommate(s) are able to attend.  This will avoid unforeseen cancellation and loss of your deposit.

  • Prices are based PER PERSON.
  • Passports are required to travel to Cancun.
  • $150 Deposit for Bronze & Silver Packages
  • $250 Deposit for Gold, Platinum, & Diamond Packages
  • Deposits are non-fundable, non-transferable & are per person.
  • One guest from your room can pay their deposit to lock in their room, but all roommate(s) in the room must pay their deposit amount according to the payment schedule.  If you pay less than $150 deposit or $250 deposit, to lock in your room, your room will be automatically dropped.
  • Your room will be assigned a group code in your email confirmation.  You and your roommate(s) will use this group code to pay your deposit & additional payments. Your roommate(s) will need to pay their deposit by the deadline.
  • We send all trip important reminders and updates via email, once you have signed up. So please make sure everyone’s’ email address is correct when booking your room.
  • To check-in 1 individual from each room is required to put at least one credit card on file for incidentals. 
  • Groups may sign up individually, but please provide your roommate(s) information. List the names of each person in your room.
  • All Guest must keep up with the Payment Schedule. If you are late making any payments you may be subject to be dropped from the trip, and refunds will be provided according to our Cancellation Policy.  If a member in your room cancels or is removed for non-payment, your room’s occupancy and rate will be adjusted to reflect only the members in your room that continue to make their payments on time.
  • Any changes to your room must be submitted via email, If you have a roommate(s) please include your roommate(s) in the email to make your change. We cannot make changes to your room over the phone. There must be documentation of all changes to your room.
  • There will be No refunds if Cancun or Airlines change their policy, that all guests must be vaccinated to enter into Cancun or to travel, and you choose not to be vaccinated prior to the trip.
  • There will be no refunds or partial refunds if your flight is delayed or cancelled entering into Cancun causing you to miss day(s) of the trip.
  • Guests can check in upon their arrival in Cancun and enjoy their hotel amenities, but rooms are not guaranteed to be ready until 3pm.





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